Looking for the best egg cooker on the market? You’ve come to the right place!

Cooking eggs might seem like one of the easiest things to do in the whole world, but anyone who has tried to make perfect boiled eggs will be well familiar with the actual struggle that is involved in boiling eggs to a precise level.

Depending on different factors such as the ratio of water to the eggs, cooking time, type of utensils you use, type of eggs, etc., your boiled eggs can turn into rubbery, dry, tasteless disasters, or they can turn into delicious boiled eggs that your entire family will enjoy.

But these challenges should not keep you away from eggs since they are still one of the most nutritious foods that are easy to eat, can be cooked in versatile ways, and are widely available. This is why we are going to introduce you to a kitchen appliance that will perfectly cook eggs however you like them.

That’s right, the best egg boiler will not only hard boil eggs but also soft cook eggs and poach eggs. So you can call them the best egg boilers, best egg cookers, or whatever else you want.

​To help you choose the best one for you, we have selected some of the best appliances that also happen to cook eggs!

What is the Best Electric Egg Cooker on the Market? Our Top Picks

These are some of our favorite electric egg cookers on the market today. These top of the line hard boiled egg cookers are high quality, affordable, have great reviews on Amazon, ​

Although you have seen our best egg cooker picks and our budget picks, we do not want to restrict your options to just these two and hence we will introduce you to several other egg cookers that we thought were the best from what the market offers and have made a comparison among them in the next section, which will help you to know about these egg cookers and find the ones that you like in a short period of time.

1. ​Cuisinart CEC-10 Egg Central Egg Cooker

There are several features that are unique to this Cuisinart Egg Cooker that set this appliance apart from the many others on the market.

First, it has a modern sleek design, which makes it a great addition to the aesthetics of a contemporary kitchen.

Second, its lid is made of polished steel with a smooth finish, which not only makes it look great but also gives it high durability. The inside of the egg cooker is also made of stainless steel, which makes it a sturdier product than the other plastic ones.

Third, it has a big capacity with a two-storied construction and a high power of 600 watts, which allow it to boil ten eggs at once, which is a great feature that can save a lot of time and effort that you spend in the kitchen.

Apart from the above-mentioned impressive features, this appliance comes with a measuring cup with which you can measure out the exact amount of water that is needed to cook your hard boiled eggs to your desired consistency.

The measuring beaker has a pin at the bottom for making the perfect holes at the egg’s end, to make the shells come off easily. To bring out versatility in how you want to have your eggs, this hard boiled egg cooker has a tray with which you can poach 4 eggs at a time and a separate omelet tray with a capacity for 3 eggs. So it not only boils eggs but is also one of the best egg poacher electric cookers on the market.

​Although this Cuisinart Egg boiler has a sophisticated appearance to it, it is highly user-friendly, as it will notify you when the eggs are ready, with a blue LED light and an audible alert, which will share with you when your food is ready.


  • ​Modern design which adds to the aesthetics of your kitchen
  • ​The lid and the interior are made up of smooth and sturdy stainless steel which is more durable and visually pleasing compared to plastic
  • ​High capacity for 10 hard boiled eggs simultaneously
  • ​Uses both visual and audible cues alerts to notify you when the eggs are ready
  • ​Comes with a beaker for measuring the right amount of water for making your eggs hard, soft or medium boiled
  • ​You can also poach or make omelets with this egg cooker
  • The base has anti-slip feet to secure the cooker on the countertop
  • Space for storing the cable which prevents mess and allows the cooker to be stored neatly


  • ​Since the lid is made of steel, it will become hot while the eggs are being cooked so it has to be kept out of children’s reach
  • The cooker will not work if holes are not made on the top of the eggs, which requires a little time

2. ​Dash Rapid Egg Cooker

​This product does complete justice to its name by cooking your eggs rapidly, that also, with a single push of a button. Not only will it cook your eggs in a much shorter time compared to cooking them on the stove, but it will allow you to cook your eggs in versatile ways, such as soft, medium or hard-boiled eggspoached or omelets.

Although this cooker can cook 6 eggs at a time, it comes in a very compact design, and weighing only a pound, it is perfect for a small kitchen or if you have started living in your campus dorm and are looking for a quick and easy yet a healthy breakfast option.

​It also has useful features like automatically shutting itself off, when the eggs are ready and also notify you by an alarm, which allows you to put the eggs in the cooker and focus on other things. The cooker comes with a measuring cup for measuring out the exact amount of water required for varying degrees of boiling, which eliminates the need of any kind of guesswork and also comes with poaching and omelet tray.

The lid of the cooker has a handle at its top, which is a useful feature to have, to keep your hands away from any heat. This cooker is also very easy to clean up since all the parts that are not electric can be safely washed in a dishwasher.


  • ​Cooks 6 eggs at a time, very quickly, with a single push of a button
  • Measuring up for water
  • ​Compact design and weighs only 1 pound
  • ​Automatically turns itself off when the eggs are ready, and notifies you with an alarm
  • ​The lid has a handle, which keeps your hand away from the heat
  • ​Can be used to boil eggs to different levels, depending on the level of water and also offers separate trays for poaching your eggs or making omelets
  • ​Parts of it are dishwasher safe


  • ​The whole appliance is made of plastic which is not as durable as steel

3. ​Elite Cuisine EGC-007 Maxi-Matic Egg Poacher & Egg Cooker

If you are looking for a reliable hard and soft boiled egg cooker that is not only efficient in cooking your eggs but also is durable and sturdy, then you might find this egg cooker to be of your liking. You can cook up to seven eggs at once using this cooker, and you can make them into soft, medium, or hard-boiled depending on how much water is put into the cooker.

The correct measurement of water can be done easily since this cooker comes with a measuring cup, which also has a piercing pin at its base, with which you can pierce a hole onto the end of your eggs for proper boiling and easy removal of the shells.

The egg cooker is very easy to operate, can be switched on with a single button, and is able to automatically turn itself off, once the eggs have been cooked. The cooker will also notify you of the eggs were ready, with a buzzer, which means you do not have to wait and watch your eggs while they are being cooked. The cooker also offers separate trays for making poached eggs and omelets, which will give you versatility in your breakfast options.

Another unique feature of this egg cooker which makes it more durable than the others is the fact that its body is made of aluminum, which also makes it able to be conduct heat faster.


  • ​You can cook up to 6 eggs at a time using this cooker
  • Egg boiler timer alert​
  • It comes with a measuring cup for measuring out the right amount of water for desired tenderness of the eggs
  • ​You can also poach eggs or make omelets using this cooker
  • ​The machine shuts itself down automatically when the eggs are ready and also alerts you with a sound
  • ​The base is made of aluminum instead of plastic, which makes it highly durable
  • The tray is dishwasher safe


  • ​Since the base is made of aluminum it is much heavier than the other cookers of similar size

4. ​KRUPS F23070 Electric Egg Cooker with Water Level Indicator

This egg cooker electric unit has an innovative design that is refreshing among the other cookers with dome-shaped designs. It has an egg holder that can be removed easily and can be used to boil 7 eggs simultaneously.

The cooker comes with a narrow measuring cylinder which can be used to accurately measure out the amount of water need to cook your eggs to the desired hardness. Not only can you boil eggs with this stylish cooker, but you can also make poached eggs and omelets, with a lot less oil compared to making them using a frying pan.

When the eggs are ready, the machine will alert you with a buzzer and you can either turn the machine off or switch it to a mode where it will keep your eggs warm for as long as you want. This is a unique feature of this machine which you can find greatly useful at busy hours during the morning when you have to attend something else before peeling your boiled eggs but you also want them to stay warm.

The base of the machine is designed in such a way as to allow the power cord to be wrapped around it neatly, which helps the cooker to be stored neatly on your kitchen, without causing any mess.


  • ​The cooker has an innovative design with handles at the side, which is distinct from the more common dome-shaped designs
  • ​You can boil 7 eggs at a time and make them into soft, hard or medium boiled, by varying the amount of water measured out by a measuring cylinder that comes with the machine
  • ​The cooker will alert you with a buzzer when the eggs are ready
  • ​It has a unique feature by which you can set the cooker to a mode where it will keep the cooked eggs warm for as long as you want
  • ​You can also use this cooker to make poached eggs and omelets with a lot less oil than you use when making them with a frying pan
  • ​The power cord can be wrapped around the base neatly
  • Dishwasher safe elements


  • The cooker cannot turn itself off automatically


5. ​Elite Platinum EGC-207 Maxi-Matic Egg Cooker

​What we especially love about this egg cooker is its base, which has a metallic construction, instead of a plastic one. It has an aluminum interior and a stainless steel exterior, which makes it a highly durable and an aesthetically pleasing kitchen tool.

It has a minimalist design, which is great if you want something that will take up less space on your kitchen counter. You can cook 7 eggs at one time using this cooker and also choose to which degree you want them to be cooked.

To do this properly, the machine comes with a measuring cup that you can use to take out the right amount of water for each level of boiling. When the eggs are ready, the machine will turn itself off automatically, which can be indicated by a light indicator at the base of the machine. If you are a person who does not like alarm buzzers, then this is the perfect egg cooker for you since it will not make any audible alerts, but still will ensure that your eggs are not overcooked.

The lid has a conveniently placed handle at the top and is also transparent which allows you to monitor what is going inside the cooker. The cooker also has a tray that you can use to make poached eggs or omelets, adding more flavors and versatility to your healthy meal options.


  • ​Base is made of aluminum and stainless steel which gives makes it aesthetically pleasing and also highly durable
  • ​The cooker can boil 7 eggs at once, with the flexibility of being able to choose among hard, soft or medium boiled
  • ​Cooker will turn itself off when the eggs are ready and this is indicated by a light at the base of the machine
  • ​The lid has a handle at the top, which helps you to easily open and close the lid
  • ​Appliance comes with a measuring cup, for measuring the right amount of water for the boiling process
  • Unit comes with a tray for making poached eggs and omelets
  • Audible alert


  • ​The cooker does not have an audible alarm when the eggs are ready so if you are looking for that feature, then this might not be the best choice for you

Factors To Consider Before Buying An Egg Cooker

With all the information regarding what type of egg cookers are available on the market with their features and functions compared, you are sure to have come across some products that caught your attention. But before you fix your mind on one, it is essential to have an insight into a few factors that are important to know before buying an egg cooker, which we will be discussing in the next section.

Egg holding capacity

One of the main advantages of egg cookers is that they can cook multiple eggs at a time. But you’ll love how many eggs you can cook at a time can vary from one egg cooker to another.


The size of egg cookers do not vary greatly, but it is good to find an egg cooker that will not take up too much space on your kitchen counter and has a compact design where you can store all the extra accessories such as the measuring cup, the trays and the power cord inside, once you are done using it, so that it fits nicely in your kitchen storage area and does not make it look disorganized.


Egg cookers are usually made of plastic, aluminum, stainless steel or combinations of these. The lid is usually made of plastic and the base has an inner heating plate that is made of a heat-conducting material. Plastic lids can also have advantages. They’re light, will not become too hot, and tend to be transparent, allowing you to see what is going on inside the cooker.

Steel or aluminum egg cookers are durable but they can heat up during the cooking process.

Alarm features

Egg cookers would not have been so useful if you had to stand and watch the cooker do its job, waiting for it to finish so that you can take the eggs out since this would be the same as you patiently waiting for the eggs to be boiled in a pan on the stovetop.

A few egg cookers do not have the ability to turn themselves off and only have an alarm to notify you and some cookers will only turn themselves off without any alarm, whereas some can do both.

Safety precautions 

Although the best egg cookers are great kitchen tools that can be your best helping hand in the kitchen, making it easier for you to make the perfectly cooked boiled eggs, delicious deviled eggs, poached eggs, omelets, egg salad, etc. they have to be handled with care since they can become hot during the cooking process.

One thing to be careful about is the steam outlet that most egg cookers have.

You should not go near this hole on the lid since hot steam will be coming out of it. The lid should also be opened after waiting for a little while when the appliance notifies you of the completion of the cooking so that all the steam has come out before you open the lid.

The eggs also have to be pierced at the wider end, using the piercing pin that is built on the base of the measuring cups.

So who makes the best egg cooker?

Think of all of the features and functions that electric egg cookers boast nowadays. Your food doesn’t have to be boring, food can be exciting with one of these products.

Once you have one of these top of the line egg cookers in your kitchen, your eggs will be perfect and breakfast will never be the same again.

Share with us which of these best egg cookers is your favorite!

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