Edgestar Wine Cooler Reviews – Our Top 3 choices


All About Edgestar Wine Coolers

So what will it take to level up your wine drinking experience? It’s not enough to buy a few bottles of wine. To keep an adequate supply of high quality wine ready to go, you’ll need the right wine cooler to keep your reds, whites, and pinks chilled and delicious.

We hope that his Edgestar wine cooler review will help you make a decision as to whether these wine coolers are right for your situation.

In this article, we’re going to go through our Top 3 Edgestar Wine Refrigerator choices.

You might be wondering where the brand Edgestar comes from. It’s actually a brand owned by a company called Living Direct, which is active in the online retail market. It specializes predominantly in Consumer appliances, lawn, and garden products.

Living Direct is an American company headquartered out of Austin, Texas.

Although Edgstar is American owned, the units themselves are actually manufactured in China. In addition to making the Edgestar brand wine coolers, they also manufacture wine coolers under the brand Koldront.

Edgesar 166 Bottle Single Zone Cooler Review – Top Choice

This Edgestar is 24 inches wide so, you may keep it in one corner or anywhere it fits. However, this chiller fits as a freestanding version and also as a built-in version.

Even Cooling Cools Everywhere, Evenly

You don’t need to worry about uneven cooling due to the existence of smart technology. Even cooling features ensure the cool air reaches in each corner so that the tannins remains same as previous.

Elegant Design 

Even cooling works great if the shelving pattern is flexible. This layout helps to put the maximum number of wine bottles. The estimated quantity of 166 bottles represents the Typical Bordeaux bottle. So, you should never worry about the bottle size.

Safety Lock

Wine fault often occurs for two reasons. One’s carelessness and the other is chemical reaction during the manufacturing of wine. However, the carelessness includes heat damage. It occurs when the bottles come closer sunlight.

Also, in contact with heavy sunlight the cork may come out of the bottle. It happens due to the generation of inner gas. This wine cooler comes with the Tinted UV protected glass within a very reasonable price.

Automatic Digital Temperature Control and Memory Function

Often we encounter several wine faults when we cannot set the ideal wine temperature. Not monitoring the temperature regularly wine may become faulty.

The problem also occurs if electricity shuts or the electricity is unplugged. Automatic temperature control helps to restore previously set temperature anytime when electricity comes back.

Reversible Door

Least likely 1% of the prevailing wine coolers offer such flexibility. You can easily  shift the door direction from right to left or from the left to right. It gives you another ease of access and also fits the cooler anywhere.

Removable Shelves

It often create a big mess when keeping an already opened bottle. There are many users who feel comfortable to keep the bottle vertically. Removable shelves will allow to manage that part if necessary.

Dual-Pane Glass Door

Dual-pane glass door indulges better control of temperature. the unit maintains temperature well and cools down very quickly after opening it to retrieve that next bottle of wine.

Edgestar 53 Bottle Built in Win Cooler – Best Overall Wine Cooler 

To accommodate bigger bottles that you will get rid of a shelf, remember that this can decrease the said bottle capacity.

The glossy metal trim door, soft LED interior light, and timeless slide-out timber trimmed shelves offer a more classic design to showcase your cherished collection.

No matter the surroundings, these components are guaranteed to spark conversation in their attractive and gratifying aesthetic.

One of probably the main aspects of a cooling system would be your controllers.

They ought to be accessible, readily known, and supply you with accurate info on the specific temperature you’re trying to realize.

The instinctive touch controller and electronic temperature display let you quickly correct and track the desired temperature based on your own unique cooling needs.

UV beams can result in a plethora of issues for virtually any wine assortment.

Along with supplying undesirable warmth, which places obviously strain in your heating, exposure to UV light may alter the chemical makeup of one’s wine, potentially influencing taste and maturation.

The tinted glass doorway helps to ensure if the bottles of wine are observable, the ethics of one’s wine is shielded by the possible injury of unpleasant lighting and UV rays.

This shelf design will permit one to reach the most bottle capacity centered in an ‘Average Bordeaux’ jar.

Edgester 46 Bottle Built In Dual Zone Wine Cooler 

It’s silent; you could hear it twist if you are listening but it isn’t loud or annoying plus it’s limited to 30 minutes in the maximum.

That is dual zone, even if you’re thinking about keeping reds at the very top, this can be designed for whites, then underneath portion might be redeemed set high or low enough for reds and whites.

That means you’re able to set the temp low to be for white wines, however, perhaps not entirely all for reds.

Hope this makes sense. The exact bottom tray is merely an excess tray that’s the place I put in other reds along with also my champagne. The diameter is created to your standard size bottles of wine; champagne fits at the exact bottom row.

Good price, purchase. Please let the refrigerator to place simmer at least two full weeks before hammering, each of the guidelines.

Please make sure you adhere to along with following guidelines. The machine has to sit twenty-four hours before running.

This is a similar dependence on all appliances which have coolant. Before slipping in to position get all essential data from the rear of the system to enroll it.

After the system is onto it generates considerably less noise than many small and huge refrigerators. We usually do not hear it in the case at additional room or higher casual dialog.
So far it is a good product.

Wrapping Up with Edgestar Wine Cooler Reviews

All in all, if you’re looking for a good quality wine cooler at the right price, buying one from EdgeStar is a pretty reasonable option.

They have a fairly wide variety of wine coolers available, and most of them will look pretty sleek in your home.

Some recommended changes from our side would be to extend their overall warranty (including labor expenses) to 1  year as this would give you a little bit more peace of mind.

Some prior reviews from customers also stated that they weren’t completely happy with their level of customer service, although most of these are fairly dated.

EdgeStar has since made an effort to improve the level of customer service that they provide.

If you’re just starting out, don’t plan to ever hold more than 10 bottles, or will be placing your wine fridge in your living area,

We recommend going for a smaller and thermo-electric alternative.

If, however, you’re looking for a reasonably priced and powerful wine cooler, and you’re looking to take your wine collection to the next level, we would recommend going with EgdeStars wine coolers.

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