Best Rated Vacuum Sealers- Buying Guide


Best Vacuum Sealers Reviewed

Are you interested in owning a vacuum food sealer? The average family buys around $5,000 of food that will perish and may go to waste each year. Food sealers are a great way to save food without causing freezer burn or food that ends up having too much moisture in them. They are quick convenient and cost effective.

The best vacuum food sealers save money and helps you prepare a meal quickly in this fast paced world.

What Is A Food Sealer?

A food sealer is typically vacuum sealer that helps you package pre-cooked food and leftovers in a timely and safe way. Typically a vacuum sealer removes air from the packaging bag and then seals the food in.

Food sealing removes oxygen in order to extend the shelf life of your food, as well as helps stop the growth of bacteria that needs oxygen to survive. A vacuum food sealer is great to use on a variety of foods you wish to save including:

  • Fresh Foods (Vegetables, Fruits, Meats, etc.)
  • Dry Foods (Nuts, Cereal, Coffee, etc.)
  • Pre-planned meals (Fully cooked meals that are planned out into portions)
  • Leftovers

Why Purchase A Vacuum Food Sealer?

A food sealer has a wide variety of purposes from preventing food waste to helping you budget your meals better. They save you time and energy. It also helps prevent bacteria growth or freezer burn.

Plastic containers and zip lock bags won’t prevent freezer burn which will affect the taste of your later. Overall, you can’t go wrong with a high-quality vacuum food sealer when packaging your food.

What To Look For When Purchasing A Vacuum Sealer

Vacuum food sealers have a wide array of features, styles and sizes. Before you start searching for the one you would like to purchase it is always a good idea to know which features you would prefer to have.

Here is a list of features that many food sealers have to help make this decision a bit easier for you.

Vacuum Strength

The actually strengthen the vacuum has. This lets you know that your food is being tightly sealed and preventing oxygen from getting in and spoiling your food.

Removeable Drip Tray

As you vacuum out the air in some of your food bags, sometimes liquids can get out. This removeable drip tray helps prevent messes and is typically very easy to clean out.

Compact Size

In this modern day world we have so many different devices for our kitchens taking up much needed counter space. A vacuum food sealer that is compact in size will not clutter up your kitchen and will give you more counter space.

Reusable Bags

A good food sealer will come with bags that you can rinse out and reuse. This is environmental safe and reduces your costs of buying bags over and over again.

Different Size Bags

Different size storage bags will allow you to create different portion sizes for food items you wish to save. This comes in handy for snacks, side dishes and main course dishes.

Hands Free

Once you have your bag filled and placed properly into your vacuum sealer, some devices will let you push a button and will do the work of vacuuming and sealing the bag without your help. Just walk away and start preparing you next bag. It’s as simple as that.

Indicator Lights

Some vacuum food sealers have different indicator lights for on/off, ready to vacuum and ready to seal. These lights help you to know what step is next.

Vacuum Food Sealer Product Reviews

FoodSaver V2244 Vacuum Sealing System with Starter kit

The FoodSaver V2244 is a high quality food saver with some great features. This vacuum food sealer comes with 2 quart sized bags, 2 gallon sized sealer bags, one heat roll, and an accessory hose.

Additional food sealer bags can be purchased separately. This easy to use food vacuum saver takes the guesswork out of saving food and storing it. It packs the food tightly, allowing you to put more in your freezer.

All the bags are Sous Vide safe, preventing food poisoning. You can’t beat that. If you are looking to purchase a food sealer, you definitely need to check out the Foodsaver V2244.

Vacuum Sealer, Crenova Automatic VS-1

The Crenova Automatic VS-1 makes life simpler with it’s easy to use food sealer. This machine saves time and money while giving you more freezer space! It comes with 10 sealing bags in two different sizes for your convenient use.

Also, most storage sealing bags are compatible with this product, so you don’t have to also find a specific bag. This machine is great for food sealing but it also be used protects your personal items from fire, water or corrosion damage.

The sealing bags are Sous Vide safe and decreases the oxygen levels greatly to avoid food spoilage.

The Crenova Automatic VS-1 food vacuum sealer has a vacuum strength of 23-25’ HG allowing you to really extend the shelf life of your perishables.

It features an LED light that lets you know when it is ready to seal. This well built foodsaver includes a 3 year warranty. Overall, this an amazing kitchen appliance that will make storing your food a whole lot easier

Seal-a-Meal Manual Vacuum Sealer with compact design

This vacuum food sealer helps your food last 3 to 5 times longer than food packaged without a vacuum. You can easily seal your next meal within seconds with the Seal-Meal Manual Vacuum Sealer.

The Seal-A-Meal has an easy to use press and hold release button that makes sealing food a piece cake!  It includes 4 food sealing bags. This food sealer will also fit most 8 inch, 11 inch, quart and gallon size food sealing bags.

It’s compact size and versatility will really open up your kitchen to so many possibilities. Overall the Seal-A-Meal is quite affordable, efficient and really does a great job. You can beat have a good appliance like this in your kitchen.

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