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In a hurry? If we had to choose one, then we would choose the Cuisinart Egg Cooker as our top choice. It’s low price, high customer satisfaction, and ability to cook 10 eggs at once makes it a winner!

Looking For The Best Egg Cooker On The Market? You’ve Come To The Right Place!

Do you eat eggs?

You probably eat eggs numerous times a week and never considered if there’s a better way to cook them.

Not that eggs are difficult to cook, but they can be messy. And if you’re a busy person and cooking eggs 2-3 times per week, all of that cleanup work can add up!

And if you eat hard-boiled eggs, then you can never get them exactly how you like them.

It becomes even harder if you like them hard-boiled but your spouse or partner likes them soft boiled!

Still, don’t let these issues stop you from enjoying one of the most nutrient-dense foods on Earth, eggs.

There are egg cookers on the market that will make hard-boiled, soft boiled, or medium-boiled eggs perfectly done, every time. Many of these same egg cookers will also poach eggs and make omelets, perfect, every time.

The egg cookers that we’ll review here are all high-quality kitchen appliances. And although kitchen appliances like egg cookers aren’t as important as kitchen appliances like stoves, ovens, and refrigerators, they can save you a lot of time for just a little bit of money.

Best Egg Cooker

Below are some of our favorite egg cookers that are available for purchase.

These are all great, high quality appliance that have good reviews on Amazon.

Comparison Chart

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Cuisinart Egg Cooker, normal, Brushed Stainless Steel
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DASH Rapid Egg Cooker: 6 Egg Capacity Electric Egg Cooker for Hard Boiled Eggs, Poached Eggs, Scrambled Eggs, or Omelets with Auto Shut Off Feature – White (DEC005WH)
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Elite Gourmet EGC-508 Rapid Egg Cooker, 7 Easy-To-Peel, Hard, Medium, Soft Boiled Eggs, Poacher, Omelet Maker, Auto Shut-Off, Alarm, 16-Recipe Booklet, BPA-Free, Stainless Steel

Cuisinart Egg Cooker

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This Cuisinart is our top recommended pick for the best egg cooker on the market.

Cuisinart is a manufacturer of high-quality kitchen appliances and makes some of the top waffle makers, countertop ovens, and bread makers on the market. They also make a great egg cooker!

  • Cooks up to 10 eggs at a time!
  • Cooks eggs up to hard, medium, or soft consistency
  • Poaching tray included
  • 3 egg Omelet tray included
  • Beautiful brushed stainless steel exterior
  • Built-in cord wraparound makes for easy storage
  • Includes water measuring cup with piercing pin
  • LED indicator lights
  • Audible alert
  • Standy mode
  • 600 watt power capacity
  • Anti slip rubber feet
  • Very affordable!

This is a great egg cooker and one that will make perfect eggs while lasting you a LONG TIME.

The brushed stainless steel gives it a good looking, modern design that will likely fit well within your kitchen.

The built-in cord storage makes it easy to store, but why would you want to? It looks good, so you might want to leave it on your kitchen counter.

The brushed stainless steel along with the rubber nonslip feet make it feel sturdy and high quality. Much more higher quality than many of its competitors that are often made out of plastic.

Best of all, it has the capacity to cook up to 10 eggs at a time. That’s more than most egg cookers.

This is a great feature that will allow you to save time. Whether you make eggs for your family or you make hard-boiled eggs for yourself for the next few days. Having the ability to make 10 eggs at a time means that you’ll save prep and cleanup time.

This egg cooker also comes with an omelet tray and an egg poaching tray. This gives you the ability to not only hard boil eggs, but also make delicious omelets or poach eggs in just minutes.

Finally, this Cuisinart Egg Cooker not only looks good and is reliable, but is also easy to use because of its indicator lights and audible alerts.

Dash Rapid Egg Cooker

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​Dash is a small kitchen appliance maker that makes high quality appliances. And this egg cooker is no different!

Dash is actually famous for making a tiny waffle maker that is ultra-affordable (and ultra small).

  • Cooks up to 6 eggs at a time
  • Easy to use
  • Cooks fast!
  • Auto-shutoff feature prevents eggs from being overcooked
  • Audible buzzer lets you know when your eggs are ready
  • 360 watts of power
  • Makes hard, medium, and soft boiled eggs
  • Compact and lightweight makes it easy to store and easy to move around (weighs less than a 1 pound)
  • Good looking design
  • Water measuring cup included
  • Poaching tray
  • Can make omelets
  • Very affordable

The Dash lives up to its brand name by cooking your eggs super fast!

You turn it on with the push of a button and just a few minutes later, your eggs are done.

Yes, not only can you cook soft cook, medium, or hard boil up to 6 eggs at a time. But you can also make omelets or poach your eggs.

It has a useful auto shut off feature that’ll ensure your eggs won’t overcook and a buzzer to alert you when the eggs are ready.

The Dash Egg Cooker is a great egg cooker for dorm rooms, RVs, or small apartments. 6 eggs is still pretty significant and can easily feed one person or a small family.

This is a high quality appliance, although it’s not as durable as the Cuisinart, its affordability makes it worth the look!

Elite Gourmet Egg Poacher & Egg Cooker

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If you are looking for a reliable hard and soft boiled egg cooker that is not only efficient in cooking your eggs but also is durable and sturdy, then you might find this egg cooker to be of your liking. You can cook up to seven eggs at once using this cooker, and you can make them into soft, medium, or hard-boiled depending on how much water is put into the cooker.

The correct measurement of water can be done easily since this cooker comes with a measuring cup, which also has a piercing pin at its base, with which you can pierce a hole onto the end of your eggs for proper boiling and easy removal of the shells.

The egg cooker is very easy to operate, can be switched on with a single button, and is able to automatically turn itself off, once the eggs have been cooked. The cooker will also notify you of the eggs were ready, with a buzzer, which means you do not have to wait and watch your eggs while they are being cooked. The cooker also offers separate trays for making poached eggs and omelets, which will give you versatility in your breakfast options.

Another unique feature of this egg cooker which makes it more durable than the others is the fact that its body is made of aluminum, which also makes it able to be conduct heat faster.


  • ​You can cook up to 6 eggs at a time using this cooker
  • Egg boiler timer alert​
  • It comes with a measuring cup for measuring out the right amount of water for desired tenderness of the eggs
  • ​You can also poach eggs or make omelets using this cooker
  • ​The machine shuts itself down automatically when the eggs are ready and also alerts you with a sound
  • ​The base is made of aluminum instead of plastic, which makes it highly durable
  • The tray is dishwasher safe


  • ​Since the base is made of aluminum it is much heavier than the other cookers of similar size

Best Egg Cooker Buying Guide

The egg cookers reviewed above are some top of the line products and you can’t go wrong with any of them. Still, there are pros and cons to each and we all tend to prioritize different things in different products.

In this section, we’ll briefly review what some of these features are.

Egg Capacity

This is one of the main features that you should look for in an egg cooker. How many eggs can it hold? Most cookers can cook around 6-7 eggs at a time. Some smaller egg cookers only do 4 and some larger ones do 10-12!

If you’re in doubt, go bigger! The price difference really isn’t all that much, but the time savings can be huge!

Egg Cooker Size​

Overall, the size of most egg cookers isn’t really that different from one another. The larger egg cookers usually stack eggs on top of one another in order to fit them all in. This means that their footprint is still small.

Also, many egg cookers have the ability to store all of their accessories inside of the egg cooker when not in use, and many will have a way to wrap the storage cord around the appliance.


The majority of egg cookers are manufactured of the same materials that all other kitchen appliances are. Kitchen appliances are typically made from a combination of brushed stainless steel, aluminum, hard plastic, and silicone.

Everything has pros and cons. Plastic is light, making appliances easy to move and store, but it gets hot and feels cheaply made. Brushed stainless steel looks beautiful, but it’s heavy and expensive.

Overall, there are good egg cookers made from all materials.

Alarms and Alerts

All of the best egg cookers will feature some kind of alarm or alert function to mark various times of the heating or cooking process.

This may be to tell you when it’s ready to cook or to alert you when it’s done cooking. Having either one of these features, or maybe even both, will take your egg cooking experience from good to great.

Safety Features

All of these egg cookers make your eggs by taking water and heating it up until it turns to steam. In turn, this steam then cooks your eggs and then escapes the egg cooker.

This is an efficient and clean way of cooking. However, any appliance that uses heat, even steam, has the potential to be dangerous.

When the water inside of the egg cooker is totally gone then the heating element at the bottom of the egg cooker continues to stay hot.

This can be dangerous if you’ve forgotten about the egg cooker!

The best egg cookers will mitigate this danger by having an automatic shut-off feature. This shut-off feature is handy because it’ll automatically shut-off the egg cooker when the water is done.

That means if you forgot that you were cooking eggs, the worst thing that could happen is that your eggs will get a little cold.

So, What’s The Best Egg Cooker?

So which egg cooker did you like best?

Our top choice is the Cuisinart Egg Cooker.

Its affordability, reliability as a Cuisinart appliance, and its ability to cook 10 eggs at a time make it the winner in our book.

Which of these egg cookers is your favorite?

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