Best Glass Stovetop Tea Kettle

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The best glass stovetop kettle for tea doesn’t have to be the most expensive. It just has to be good enough to make tasty tea. In fact, this guide is a review of some of the most inexpensive yet best-performing glass stovetop kettle.

Each option is ideal for someone who’s on a tight budget as well as those who just want to spend on a glass kettle for making tea.

It’s important to keep in mind that the kettles we’ve evaluated on this list have different capacities as well as weight. Choose a capacity that suits you best, depending on the number of cups of tea that you would like to serve.

What’s the Best Glass Stovetop Tea Kettle?

Comparison Chart

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HIWARE 1000ml Glass Teapot with Removable Infuser, Stovetop Safe Tea Kettle, Blooming and Loose Leaf Tea Maker Set
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Xiazhi Glass Teapot, Glass Teakettle, Stovetop Safe, 37oz / 1100ml
Stovetop Tea Kettle, Whistling, Borosilicate Glass, 12-Cup
Artcome 1000ml / 34oz Glass Teapot with Removable Infuser, Stovetop Safe Teapot, Blooming and Loose Leaf Tea Pots
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[3 in 1 Set] Glass Teapot with Infuser – 32oz Loose Leaf Teapot + Cozy Warmer + Trivet

Hiware Glass Teapot Kettle

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Hiware Glass Teapot is one of the most stylish kettle in the market right now, a well-priced model with an up to the standard infuser. Made of handcrafted heat resistant glass and featuring a capacity as large as 33 ounces, the Hiware Kettle is a good option for someone who loves to make tasty tea, either every day or occasionally.

With Hiware Glass Stovetop Kettle, you can make at most 4 cups of tea on the go. That’s a good amount for a small-sized family. And it’s enough to get you through the day if you’re the kind of person that likes to drink more than a cup of tea a day.

Weighing just 1.37 pounds, Hiware Glass Teapot is such a lightweight kettle that you can hold with ease. The ergonomically designed handle is slip resistant, so it gives you a sturdy grip, allowing you to pour your tea in a coffee mug or teacup with ease. Plus, the non-drip spout makes the tea easy to pour from the kettle.

We recommend this product because it’s versatile, which is to say that you can use it to make tea and even boil water. And the clear glass lets you watch your beverage get ready, no need to open the lid to check what’s going on inside.


  • Stylish design with a non-drip spout
  • Can make up to 4 cups of tea 
  • The built-in infuser helps to create a strong  brew


  • This kettle’s handle is prone to getting damage if left on stovetop for long 

Xiazhi High Borosilicate Glass Teapot

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Xiazhi High Borosilicate is better than Hiware, because, instead of just making tea and boiling water, it lets you make any kind of beverage that you like. Whether you love tea, can’t go a day without drinking coffee, or you want to drink hot water or warm milk, this is the right teapot to use.

It’s made of Borosilicate glass, a strong, heat-resistant material that’s not only durable but also safe to use on different stovetops, including gas, ceramic, and electrics stoves. And you can even heat it up in a microwave if you have one whose inner height is at least 7 inches.

Xiazhi Glass Teapot weighs just 15 ounces. And it has a capacity of 1.1 liters, which allows you to make up to four cups of your favorite beverages. That’s about enough for a family of four, a group of 2, or just one person who loves drinking tea, milk, and other beverages.

Xiazhi teapot’s handle doesn’t heat up no matter how hot the kettle gets. This makes it easy for you to take it off the stovetop, and you don’t have to worry about possible hand burns in the process. The drip-free spout prevents messy fluid spills by making beverages easy to pour in a cup. And the lid is tight fit enough to stay in position when serving your cup of beverages.


  • Made of high quality glass for strength and durability
  • Can make at most 4 cups of coffee
  • Strong handles that stay cool no matter how hot the kettle get
  • This kettle is dishwasher safe


  • This  one doesn’t have an infuser
  • The capacity may be small for some people

Café Brew Collection WK112 Kettle

Maybe you’re on a tight budget. And you’re wondering if you can get a teapot that performs just as well as the most expensive ones. If this sounds like you, then Café Brew Collection WK112 is a good pick for you. The design looks rather old-fashioned, but it’s downright sleek for the price.

Café Brew Collection really pays close attention to the design, building this unit with premium grade borosilicate glass to give it a sturdy and durable feel. The materials isn’t just thermal-shock resistant, it can also stand up against too much heat and perform just fine.

This glass kettle lets you make up to 12 cups of tea, a good option if you have a family of six or if you just want to cook a lot of tea at once. You don’t really have to open the spout to pour the tea; just use the sturdy handle to tilt the kettle to put tea in a cup/mug.

We love the fact that this kettle is actually BPA-free. You can drink you tea confidently without worrying about toxic plastic chemicals. It’s compatible with electric as well as gas stovetops. Plus, it’s dishwasher safe, so you can simply throw it in your dishwasher and give it a quick touchup after use.


  • This is the cheapest glass kettle bottle in the market
  • It can make up to 12 cups of tea 
  • Made of strong, heat-resistant glass


  • The whistle of this glass kettle is a little bit weak
  • People with thin, long fingers will struggle to get their hands around the black handle

Artcome Glass Teapot

Artcome glass teapot is such a well-built kettle. Made of high quality borosilicate glass, this teapot can take the hit from a lot of heat and do just fine.

It’s quite sturdy, easily standing up against soft accidental drops and performing just fine. It’s more expensive than WK112 Kettle, but we think that the quality and capacity justify the price.

This glass teapot has a capacity of 34 ounces. This translates to 1000ml, which is big enough to make at least 6 cups of tea. The removable infuser, a filter made of 18/10 stainless steel, helps a great deal when you want to make blooming or loose tea.

Artcome glass teapot is versatile in that it works well with different heat sources. You can it on a gas stove, electric stove, or reheat it in a microwave. Keep the heat as low as possible. But if you’re in a hurry and you had rather get the tea ready in just a couple of minutes, heat the kettle using medium heat.

Artcome glass teapot is one of the few options that you can actually use for cold brewing. All you have to do is to put your beverage in a refrigerator and you’re good to go.


  • Made of high quality glass for strength and durability
  • You can use it on gas or electric stoves
  • You can also use this kettle for cold brewing


  • This teapot is more expensive than WK112 Kettle 
  • It cannot serve many cups of tea like WK112 Kettle

CUSINIUM Glass Teapot Kettle

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You can make blooming, flowering, and loose tea all in one teapot without breaking the bank. And if you’re in the market for a kettle that can help to you do just that, you should consider the CUSINIUM Glass kettle.

While it’s pricier than WK112 Kettle, its ability to make different types of tea does justify the price. Plus, it has a capacity of 950ml, 250ml more than the capacity of the Hario Cha “Maru” Tea Pot.

CUSINIUM uses a completely different type of material to design this teapot. They use Pyrex glass, which is also a high quality material just like borosilicate glass.

Here, what you get for the price is a well-made kettle that will help you make and serve tea for a very long time to come.

One of the best things about this kettle is the promising heat retention. You want your tea to stay hot for a while. And that’s what this kettle does.

In addition to the removable infuser that lets you control brewing, the spill-free spout makes it easy to pour your tea to a cup/mug without worrying about marring your countertop or tableware.


  • This kettle can hold up to one liter of tea
  • The whole unit is dishwasher safe and even easy to clean after use 
  • Prolonged heat retention means that you don’t have to constantly rewarm your tea in a microwave
  • Include an eBook for tea lovers


  • This product is somewhat expensive compared to WK112 Kettle 


Choosing the best glass stovetop kettle for tea doesn’t have to be difficult. You just have to determine the capacity, weight, and cost of the kettle. Once you get these valuations right, you’re good to go.

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