Chef’s Choice International Gourmet Egg Cooker 810 Review

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Are you looking for a stainless steel egg cooker that is reliable, durable, and makes a mean medium or hard-boiled egg?

Well, you’re in luck, because the Chef’s Choice International Gourmet Cooker might just be the electric egg cooker that you’re looking for! And it all comes at a budget price.


The Chef’s Choice Gourmet Cooker is a best egg cooker that boasts a large capacity of eggs that it can cook at one time. This egg cooker has the ability to hold a total of seven eggs at a time!

Not a fan of having to boil large amounts of water to cook so many eggs at once? Then you’re probably going to be a fan of this egg cooker because it’ll be able to handle your boiled egg needs even in high-demand situations.

This high-quality kitchen appliance can make up to three poached eggs at once, and poached to perfection! Gone are the days of having to finagle your way to a good poached egg – The Chef’s Choice Gourmet Cooker has got your back.

Chef’s Choice 810 Features

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You might be wondering, “Well what makes this egg cooker worth it?” And there are several reasons why I think you’d like to give this appliance a try.

You can prepare your eggs quickly

This gourmet egg cooker can cook two types of eggs, how you like them, and when you like them. No need to spend a quarter of an hour just boiling water so that you can then start cooking the egg. Nope! Just pop your eggs in and set the time to get the eggs of your desired choice!

Two types of egg dishes

Boiled eggs are a breeze with this egg cooker! Are you tired of wondering how boiled your eggs are and either boiling them too short or too long? That’s no problem with this little egg cooker! With its own built-in timer, the Chef’s Choice Gourmet Egg cooker will tell you just when your eggs are ready to be taken out of the cooker.

What else can this machine do? Well, do you like poached eggs? Not a problem! With this egg cooker, you can make them with a poaching tray designed with Julia Child’s preferred style of poaching eggs!

Ease of use

This egg cooker is a no-frills, no gimmick machine. The egg cooker is simple to use but is able to come up with good results in the fraction of the effort normally needed to make these kinds of eggs. For example, To hard-boil your eggs, all you need to do is place your eggs – up to seven of them – into the plastic egg tray.

As for the water, you don’t have to worry about using measuring cups or getting an exact measurement because there is a water line that you must fill the heating plate with to get those great eggs.

After that, you can set the egg timer to either soft, medium, or hard-boiled settings. Close the lid, and wait for the timer of the appliance to go off, and voila – perfect boiled eggs just the way you like it! What about poaching?

All you must simply do is crack open your eggs and place them in the plastic poaching trays, and repeat the same steps for cooking your boiled eggs and set the timer to 6-9 minutes and you’ll get your wonderfully poached eggs, ready for eating (or to be made into whatever dish that you may like.

The water reservoir holds enough water for multiple cooking cycles, so you don’t have to constantly be refilling that reservoir to continue cooking.

As a plus, customers have noted that cooking eggs using the Chef’s Choice Gourmet Cooker means no need to poke holes in the eggs before boiling. They’ve also said that peeling the boiled eggs was a breeze with the shells coming off very easily!

  • What about washing and or cleaning? Nothing to worry about! The plastic cooking trays are completely detachable and are able to be hand-washed or placed in the dishwasher with no problems. The heating plate has a non-stick coating that makes for easy wiping and cleaning.

Build Quality – Stainless Steel

The Chef’s Choice Gourmet Cooker is a machine with a robust build. This egg cooker features brushed stainless steel amid its plastic parts and has a sizable capacity for seven eggs with dimensions of 7 x 9 x 6 inches.

This means that this egg cooker is not going to take a lot of space on your kitchen counter. You won’t be scrambling for an area in your kitchen to place this appliance because of the small amount of space that it will take up!

Wrapping up the Chef’s Choice Egg Cooker 810 Review

Let’s sum up what makes the Chef’s Choice Gourmet Cooker one of the best electric egg cookers on the market.

It has a seven-egg capacity boiling tray that enables you to boil eggs in three settings of soft, medium, and hard-boiled eggs.  Not only can it hard boil eggs, but the egg cooker can also poach a total of three eggs at once removing the difficulty of poaching eggs the normal way.

Cooking eggs via the egg cooker skips the long and tedious step of having to wait for your water to boil before you are able to cook your eggs and instead offers you to have them cooked right away and in less than 10 minutes (if you’re going for soft-, medium-boiled, and poached eggs that is!). Now if that isn’t a time-saver, I don’t know what is!

And don’t ever worry about overcooking your eggs. The audible ready signal and the electronic timer alert will ensure that you have your eggs exactly the way they’re meant to be eaten, every time!

Both of these alerts are combined to cook eggs exactly the way they’re supposed to be cooked. You’ll bet perfect eggs in rapid cooking time while having an easy-to-clean appliance.

The Chef’s Choice Gourmet Cooker is also a very easy-to-use appliance and you can get it set up and ready to cook in minutes! With its egg trays for boiled and poached eggs and easy-to-set timer, you can always cook the eggs you want when you want to cook them.

All the while without having to pierce the eggs and with eggshells that come right off when peeling boiled eggs. Also, the Chef’s Choice Gourmet Egg Cooker is made with brushed, stainless steel which means you don’t have to worry about it corroding.

With its non-stick coated heating plate, cleaning it should be a breeze as well. The small footprint that this egg cooker has means that it will have no problems fitting into your kitchen space.

With all those reasons, it’s not hard to see why the Chef’s Choice Gourmet Egg Cooker is a bargain for its sub $45 price tag!

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