Dash Egg Cooker Manual and Instructions

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Dash Egg Cooker Manual And Instructions

Follow the steps in this article and you will be eating perfectly cooked eggs in no time!

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In this article, we’re going to talk about one of the best egg cookers on the market. The Dash Rapid Egg Cooker.

If all you’re looking for is the product, you can get it below!

If you’re looking for a direct link to the product manual, you can access that here. You can also contact customer support at the DASH website and they’ll be happy to assist you!

However, if you’re looking for directions or a manual on how to best use the Rapid Egg Cooker, then keep reading!


When you unbox your Dash Awesome Egg Cooker you should find the following pieces:

  • Dash Egg Cooker with boiling tray
  • Omelette Tray
  • Poaching Tray
  • Measuring Cup with pin
  • Boiled Egg Tray with boiling egg handle
  • Lid with cover handle
  • Tray Handle

Basics of Using Your Rapid Egg Cooker

How do you use the Dash Egg Cooker?

Use the steps below when boiling your eggs in the Rapid Egg Cooker.

  1. Make sure the Dash Egg Cooker is unplugged before starting
  2. Pierce the larger end of each egg with the pin that’s at the bottom of the measuring cup
  3. Use the measuring cup to pour the appropriate amount of cold water directly onto the Dash egg cooker heating plate
  4. Get your boiling tray handle and attach it to the boiling tray, and place it on the heating plate
  5. Place your pierced eggs in their spots on the boiling tray – make sure that the punctured holes point up
  6. Cover the egg cooker with its lid and plug it in
  7. Press the power button and it’ll automatically begin cooking
  8. When the eggs are finished cooking, the appliance will buzz
  9. When you hear the buzz, press the power button to turn off the buzzer and then you can lift the lid by using the handle
  10. Remove the eggs – don’t use your hands, they’ll be hot!

Prot Tip – Taking out the cooked eggs and immediately soaking the eggs in cold ice water will stop the cooking process and make them much easier to peel.

Making Soft, Medium, and Hard-Boiled Egg in the Dash Egg Cooker

The times that are listed here are just guidelines to give you an idea of about how long your needs need to cook in the Rapid Egg Cooker in order to reach your desired consistency.

The Rapid Egg Cooker is equipped with an automatic shutoff that turns the egg cooker off when the appliance has reached a certain temperature for a certain amount of time.

Eggs that are extra-large may take a little bit longer to cook than the figures provided below.

It’s important for you to know that there’s no setting that you can mark in order to cook your eggs in different ways. It all depends on the water.

The water measuring cup has three different lines – for soft, medium, and hard. You fill up the Dash egg cooker with the amount of water that you need, and that will determine how long your eggs boil for, and therefore, what their consistency would be.

Makes sense?

In other words, a lot of water means that your Dash Egg Cooker will boil your eggs for a longer amount of time, thus giving you hard-cooked eggs.

  • Soft boiled eggs: 1-3 eggs will take about 7 minutes. 4-6 eggs will take about 10.
  • Medium-boiled: 1-3 eggs will take about 9 minutes. 4-6 eggs will take about 12.
  • Hard-Boiled eggs: 1-3 eggs will take about 12 minutes: 4-6 eggs will take about 16.

Isn’t that incredible? You can have 16 hard-boiled eggs in just 16 minutes!

This Dash is a pretty incredible hard-boiled egg cooker!

For soft medium-boiled eggs, pick the soft boiled setting and let them set for a few extra minutes once the eggs are done and the automatic shutoff timer has completely finished. This will allow the eggs to harden just a little bit more.

If you like completely hard-boiled eggs, use the same strategy. Pick the hard-boiled option and let it sit for about an extra minute. That’ll get the yoke nice and chalky!

Making Poached Eggs in the Dash Egg Cooker

Making poached eggs is super easy in the Dash egg cooker.

  1. Fill the water measuring cup with cold water until you reach the omelette/poached mark and then pour this water directly onto the heating plate
  2. Use some kind of nonstick spray or oil to grease the poaching tray
  3. Place the poaching tray on top of the boiling tray and NOT directly on the heating element
  4. Break an egg into each section of the poaching tray and cover with the lid
  5. Plugin the Rapid Egg Cooker and press the power button
  6. When the Dash egg cooker buzzes then take out your poached eggs – all done!

Making Omelets in the Dash Egg Cooker

Making omelettes is also super easy using the Dash egg cooker.

  1. Fill the water measuring up with cold water to the poached/omelette water line, then pour that cold water right onto the heating plate
  2. Use a nonstick spray or oil to lightly grease the omelette bowl
  3. Place the omelette bowl on top of the boiling tray and NEVER right on egg cooker heating element
  4. Break your eggs and pour them into the omelette bowl, you can also add meat or veggies to the egg mix and cover with the lid
  5. Plugin the Dash egg cooker and press the power button to turn it on
  6. When the Dash egg cooker buzzes then take out your delicious omelette!

Cleaning the Dash Egg Cooker

The Dash egg cooker is a super easy to clean kitchen appliance.

Before you clean any kitchen appliance, make sure that it’s unplugged!

Then, grab all of the Dash accessories and soak them in warm, soapy water.

You can use a moist towel to wipe down the body and heating element.

Make sure that you dry everything really well. The Dash egg cooker is an electrical appliance, the last thing you want is to mix water and electricity!

If you notice that the heating plate is getting especially grimey, you can use a paper towel or moist towel that has some white vinegar on it in order to really give it a good cleaning.

Wrapping Up with Dash Egg Cooker Directions and Manual

As you can see, the Dash egg cooker is a top of the line, high quality kitchen appliance that will last you for years to come.

We hope that we’ve shown you how easy it is to use. If you have any questions, let us know in the comments!

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