Edgestar Wine Cooler Reviews – Our Top 3 choices

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So what will it take to level up your wine expertise?

It’s not enough to buy a few bottles of wine. To keep an adequate supply of high quality wine ready to go, you’ll need the right wine cooler to keep your reds, whites, and pinks chilled and delicious.

We hope that this wine cooler review will guide you to select the right wine cooler for your lifestyle, home, and budget.

In this article, we’re going to go through our Top 3 Edgestar Wine Refrigerator choices.

You might be wondering where the brand Edgestar comes from. It’s actually a brand owned by a company called Living Direct, which is active in the online retail market. It specializes predominantly in Consumer appliances, lawn, and garden products.

Living Direct is an American company headquartered out of Austin, Texas.

Although Edgstar is American owned, the units themselves are actually manufactured in China. In addition to making the Edgestar brand wine coolers, they also manufacture wine coolers under the brand Koldront.

Comparison Chart

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166-Bottle EdgeStar Built-In Compressor Wine Refrigerator
51vUZY95FoL. SL500
EdgeStar CWR532SZ 24 Inch Wide 53 Bottle Built-In Wine Cooler
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EdgeStar CWR462DZ 24 Inch Wide 46 Bottle Built-In Wine Cooler with Dual Cooling Zones

Edgestar 166 Bottle Single Zone Cooler Review – Top Choice

41CvBB7tgHL. SL500

This Edgestar is 24 inches wide which means that although it’s large, it may be difficult to find somewhere where you can properly fit it.

Many people will use this wine chiller as a freestanding wine chiller, while others may use it as a built in.

Cools evenly and efficiently

This Edgestar cools evenly because of it’s smart cooling tech. Even cooling is important because wine has tannins that can be affected by uneven temperatures. Therefore, even cooling gives your wine bottles consistency in taste.

Good looking design

Not only does this wine cooler/chiller keep your bottles safe and cool, it just flat out looks good!

It holds 166 bottles that are Bordeaux size and does this will looking stylish in your kitchen.

Keeps wine safe and prevents UV and heat damage

Are you worried about a family member going in and pilfering your wine collection? Worry no more! This 166 bottle Edgestar wine cooler will keep your wine bottles safe from people.

It also keeps your wine safe from ultraviolet rays and heat.

UV rays and heat will immediately destroy your wine. It’ll cause a chemical reaction in your wine that will drastically alter its taste.

It may even loosen the cork and cause it to spill out!

Never worry about that again with this Edgestar!

Automatic Digital Temperature Control

Again, never worry about the temperature in this Edgestar.

Not only does it keep your wine safe, but if the electricity goes it, it has a backup system that keeps the temperature consistent.

Removable Shelves

Removable shelves are a unique and useful feature because it allows you to customize the inside layout of your wine cooler. Essentially, you can store opened bottles of wine upright and vertically if you like.

Dual-Pane Glass Door

Having a dual-pane glass door allows the wine cooler to better control it’s temperature. This means that when you open the wine cooler, it’ll go back to it’s preferred temperature.

Edgestar 53 Bottle Cooler – Best Overall Wine Cooler 

51vUZY95FoL. SL500

This Edgestar 53 Bottle Cooler is designed to be a built-in cooler and not freestanding.

It can easily accommodate 53 bottles, but only when all the bottles are stored horizontally and when they’re standard Bordeaux sized bottles.

Of course, you can remove a shelf if it’ll help you get in bigger bottles or to stand your wine bottles vertically, but you will lose storage capacity.

This wine cooler weighs a hefty 100 pounds and is 33.5 by 23.5 by 22.5 inches.

It has a good looking glossy metal trim door, a blue LED interior light, and wood-trimmed shelves.

The tinted glass door helps you see which of your wine bottles you want before opening the door.

This helps keep out heat, light, and UV rays as much as possible.

This wine cooler is exceptionally quiet and is sure to keep your wine safe while you barely notice that it’s even there.

Edgestar 46 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler 

41uIvdwELRL. SL500

Many people wonder why this Edgestar that holds 46 bottles is just as expensive as one that holds 53, and the answer to that is simple.

This is a dual zone wine cooler!

Some wine should be kept between 41 and 54 degrees while other wines should be kept between 54-64 degrees.

This wine cooler does both! The upper level is 41-54 and the lower level is 54-64.

It holds 46 standard sizes Bordeaux bottles but trays can be removed to hold larger bottles,  but of course, it will decrease overall capacity.

It has an internal fan that evenly circulates the air and keeps the temperature consistent. Don’t worry though, this internal fan is super silent so you won’t hear a thing.

It also has a high/low temperature alarm that will alert you if the temperature gets too high or low.

Its glass door is dual paned and tinted. This allows you to see the bottles of wine but without letting harmful light in. This wine cooler can be used as a built-in or as a freestanding wine cooler.

One final unique feature is that its rubber brushed which dampens vibrations that could alter your wine’s taste over time.

Wrapping Up with Edgestar Wine Cooler Reviews

Edgestar isn’t just a name brand producer of wine coolers, this name is synonymous with excellence and affordability.

They have many wine coolers on the market. And I have no doubt that you’ll be able to find one to suit your needs.

I don’t think you can go wrong with one of the Edgestar wine coolers we reviewed here.

They’re all high quality, durable, well functioning, and they’ll look good in your kitchen.

The only other thing that we would suggest is to see if you can extend your warranty and include service as part of it. If you’re buying through Amazon, sometimes this is an option when you check out.

There isn’t anything to worry about quality wise, but these are expensive kitchen appliances similar to a refrigerator or an oven.

When you pay hundreds of dollars for something, paying an additional fifty dollars or so for an extended warranty is a no brainer, in my opinion.

If you’re looking to hold no more than 20 bottles or so, then I would encourage you to NOT buy any of these wine coolers and instead go for a much smaller one or just don’t buy any at all.

Most windes don’t need to be refrigerated if they’ll be consumed soon. And if you like your pinks or whites nice and cool, then you can just put them in the refrigerated a day before you’re going to drink them.

However, if you’re looking to get started collecting wine or looking to stock up at least 30 bottles, then one of these Edgestars will be perfect for you.

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