Elite Cuisine Egg Cooker Review

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Are you an avid fan of cooking eggs, but are tired of constantly having to use different pots, pans, and the need to boil water?

Do you have difficulty preparing boiled, poached eggs, and omelets exactly how you like them?

Then you might be looking for the Elite Cuisine Electric Egg Cooker, one of the best bang for your buck egg cookers!

In this article, we dive down deep and bring you everything there is to know about this versatile egg cooker. Let’s get to it!

Elite Cuisine Egg Cooker

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Now if you’re anything like me, you are someone how likes a little variety in your life. Sure, you may want boiled eggs on some days, but every once in a while you want them poached, or on a special occasion, you would want to make someone a breakfast (or dinner) omelet!

Well, then one of the main features of the Elite Cuisine Egg Cooker is its ability to cook all sorts of egg dishes consistently and perfectly all the time.

If you are a fan of boiled eggs, then the egg cooker has got you covered. It can make medium or hard-boiled eggs with ease.

It can even go from soft, medium, or hard-boiled eggs and do so automatically! You can now make that perfect deviled eggs recipe that you’ve always been meaning to try out.

What about poaching? Sometimes you want that perfect poached egg to truly round out a good egg’s benedict and this machine can help you do just that. This egg cooker has its very own special poaching tray that will make two poached eggs a breeze.

No more having to boil water in a pot, having to stir the water, and making sure your eggs don’t break apart while stirring. This easy egg cooker just has you add water and place your two eggs in the poaching tray and voila – Perfectly poached eggs!

“What about omelets?” You may be wondering and the egg cooker has got you covered. The Elite Cuisine Egg Cooker even has an egg tray for that exact reason, promising soft, fluffy omelets every time.

Those breakfast omelets are no longer a hassle to make with this product. You don’t need to crack out the pan and constantly fold your scrambled eggs and watching to see if your omelets are perfect. This egg cooker will make sure that your omelets stay nice and fluffy.

The egg cooker itself is a treat to look at with its clear plastic cover so that you can see your eggs cooking to perfection.

Now you may be wondering, “Do I need to break out (or buy) an egg timer for this?” and I’m happy to report that the answer is no!

You do not have to buy an egg timer because the Elite Cuisine comes with a built-in timer that has an auto shut off once it’s done cooking.

No more having to wonder if your eggs are too runny or boiled too long because this egg cooker will do all that heavy lifting for you. The EGC 007 Elite Cuisine will give you perfect eggs every time.

As an added bonus, the Elite Cuisine cooks boiled eggs so well that the normally arduous task of peeling them is very easy.

Gone are the days of the frustration that no doubt piles up having to pick off tiny pieces of eggshells from your cooked boiled eggs, instead you get easy to peel eggs.


Now with all of this versatility, you might be wondering about how many eggs it can hold at once. Despite its size, the Elite Cuisine can do up to seven hard-boiled eggs at a time.

Yes, that’s a 7 egg capacity!

So if you happen to have company – or are just really hungry for some boiled eggs – this machine has got you covered.

How about the omelet tray?

The special omelet tray has enough space to hold up to two eggs’ worth of omelet mix. So if you’re making an omelet for more than one person, it may not be enough!

If you’re still hungry for more omelets though, be sure to cook a second batch just in case!


So we’ve talked about the wide versatility of various egg dishes you can make with the Elite Cuisine, but how does this magic machine fit into the average kitchen counter? I’m happy to report that this appliance barely takes up any space at all!

Despite its ability to hold more than half a dozen eggs for boiling, the cooker itself has rather small dimensions. Sitting at about 7.00 by 5.50 inches, the Elite Cuisine should take up a rather small footprint on your kitchen counter.

With a height of 6.75 inches, it’s just over half a foot in height! So you don’t need to worry about space when purchasing this machine!

Now, sure it doesn’t take up much space, but is the machine easy to move around? The answer is a definite yes! The Elite Cuisine with its plastic frame and aluminum base weighs 1.25 pounds when fully assembled, which means that you’ll be able to move your cooking eggs anywhere and anytime you need to.

The egg cooker is easy to assemble as well, with its three cooking trays fitting nicely within the machine itself. So you won’t have to worry about losing parts or misplacing them as you can simply fit them all inside this nifty and compact machine.

Other Features

Now you might be wondering “How do I know how much water I’ll need to add to cook my eggs perfectly?” No need to worry, the Elite Cuisine Egg Cooker has got you covered. With its measuring cup, all you need to do is look at the different levels and fill it with water before pouring it onto the heating tray!

It has lines for soft, medium, hard-boiled, poached, and omelets which will remove all guesswork so you can get those perfect cooked eggs how you like it when you like it.

It has a measuring cup that comes with an egg piercer for your boiled eggs!

On the other end of the measuring cup is a piercing pin that you’ll use to help the gases in your egg escape while it’s boiling.


The Elite Cuisine Egg Cooker is an excellent product that delivers what it has set out to do.

From boiled eggs of varying degrees to poached eggs, and omelets this machine helps you make them with a fraction of the effort and time that you would need to use if you cooked it by normal means.

With its small and lightweight frame, this egg cooker can fit nearly anywhere, anytime, and be moved with real ease.

With features like a measuring cup and egg piercer in one and an automatic shut-off mechanism, the Elite Cuisine Egg Cooker is easy to use and ensures that you get the same results every single time that you use it.

At the end of the day, this is a top-of-the-line automatic easy egg cooker that is one of the best electric egg cookers on the market.

With features like an auto shut off, stainless steel housing, BPA free container, audible alert, indicator light, almost 5 star customer reviews, and easy to clean tray, it makes this a great buy for your kitchen.

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