Great Northern TopStar Popcorn Popper Review

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Everything you need to know about the Great Northern TopStar Popcorn Popper

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Popcorn is certainly a delicious snack that can also be healthy if prepared properly. Unfortunately, making real popcorn can get complicated and pricey when it comes to buying a popcorn popper. Thankfully, we are here to help you choose the best popcorn popper for your money.

There are many types of popcorn popper, and the one you buy will depend on your needs. Certain popcorn makers are ideal for a single person, others are meant for entire groups. As we will be reviewing a professional/commercial style popcorn popper today, we will examine this type of popper more closely.

There was once a time where a professional style popcorn popper required not only a large amount of money but also a compatible power outlet. Now there are models of professional popcorn popper that can be used on standard 110-volt outlets.

While commercial style poppers are typically more expensive than every other kind of popper, you will find that they have become quite reasonable regarding price. Thankfully, you will not even need to sacrifice quality to purchase a model which is moderately affordable.

Professional popcorn poppers are an excellent choice if you typically throw parties or other social gatherings. There are few snacks and appetizers as novel and exciting as home cooked popcorn. You can even get creative with your popcorn toppings by making your seasonings.

These types of poppers are typically capable of making a large amounts of popcorn in fewer batches than competing models. It gets annoying to have to keep refilling your kettle after every portion is ready.

Kettle Size

One of the better features of commercial style popcorn poppers is the inclusion of a rather large kettle. As mentioned previously, you will want a kettle which is suitably sized so you not have to refill your popcorn maker constantly.

One good aspect of commercial popcorn makers is that they have room to store extra popcorn once it is made. Therefore, you can keep refilling the kettle after emptying it of prepared popcorn.

Most commercial popcorn makers have a maximum capacity kettle size which is 12 ounces or even larger.

Size Of The Machine

The size of your machine also matters when deciding on a commercial popcorn popper. Since they are typically much larger than other types of popcorn machine, you will need a larger area in either your kitchen or your game room for the machine to be located.

If you have a smaller home, such as an apartment, you may have difficulty finding a place for your popcorn maker.  I suggest you take measurements of your area before purchasing a model.

The size of your machine will also have a bearing on the amount of popcorn you can make, so it helps to strike the right balance.

About The Product

Great Northern is one of the best manufacturers of high-quality popcorn machines. If you want a popcorn machine that is similar to the type that you see in movie theaters, then you are in luck.

The 12 oz TopStar has many features that make it one of the most convenient commercial popcorn poppers you will find. Here are some of the main features of this product :

  • Features a 12 ounce, full-size kettle
  • Machine weighs 28 pounds
  • Equipped with a spot light warmer
  • Features a popcorn stirrer
  • Contains a pot heater
  • Includes a kernel and oil scoop
  • Incorporates a warming deck


The Great Northern model features a stirrer and pot heater to ensure that your popcorn remains warm but does not burn. It has a spot light heater in order to keep it warm and also come with a scoop so you can easily transfer the popcorn from the machine.

If you want an affordable, high-quality popcorn machine in a commercial style, you will certainly love this product.

What we saw

We were highly impressed by the TopStar. Unlike other forms of a commercial popcorn poppers, we found that this model is both affordable and reliable at the same time.

With other products, you will typically have to choose between these two aspects, but this model manages to combine them into one easily accessible package.

This model also features many additional amenities which ensure that your popcorn does not get cold once it has been prepared.

These include a deck heater, a pot heater, and a warming spot lamp. All of these components are well made and reliable, unlike other products in the same price range.

One aspect that we adore is that this product functions on an 110-volt outlet, which is still surprisingly rare for commercial popcorn poppers of this size.

All in all, this is a great product that thoroughly impressed us, as we are used to models in this price range being either flops or disappointments.

Buying Advice

Being a commercial style popcorn popper, one cannot expect this product’s price to be necessarily low, but it is comparatively affordable when contrasted with other professional popcorn makers. It is well worth it for any popcorn lover.


This product is perfect for any customer looking for a professional style popcorn popper in a low price range. While it may not feature every amenity common to other commercial models, it is sufficient for most home needs. We hope that this review has helped you come to a decision regarding your new popcorn maker.

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