Review of all KidKraft Play Kitchens

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Little kids love to learn about the world by imitating what mommy and daddy do around the house.

Watch as your budding little chef enjoy learning with their very own best play kitchen.

Find out which is the best for your little one with our review of all KidKraft Play Kitchens.

Guide to All KidKraft Best Play Kitchens

Nothing could be better than pretend play that helps teach responsibility and their development at the same time.

Here’s a taste of all KidKraft Play Kitchens and what they have to offer:

Comparison Chart

41SYcNyKQeS. SL500
KidKraft Uptown Natural Wooden Play Kitchen with Play Phone, Chalkboard & Towel Rack, Gift for Ages 3+ 43.00 x 17.75 x 41.00 Inches
41tz4jngf5L. SL500
KidKraft Vintage Wooden Play Kitchen with Pretend Ice Maker and Play Phone, White, Gift for Ages 3+
41+TZ56XirL. SL500
Homestyle 2Piece Kitchen
41RfqCfYDFL. SL500
KidKraft Wooden Farm to Table Play Kitchen with EZ Kraft Assembly, Lights & Sounds, Ice Maker and 18 Accessories, Gift for Ages 3+ Large
41NMF3njCML. SL500
KidKraft Grand Gourmet Corner Wooden Play Kitchen with Washer, Chalkboard, Curtains and 4 Accessories, Gift for Ages 3+
KidKraft Ultimate Corner Wooden Play Kitchen with Lights & Sounds, Play Phone and Curtains, Espresso, Gift for Ages 3+
41qSq4yAA2L. SL500
KidKraft Large Wooden Play Kitchen with Lights & Sounds, Icemaker, Play Phone, White, Gift for Ages 3+
41VcUcGjjMS. SL500
KidKraft Deluxe Big and Bright Wooden Play Kitchen with Play Phone, Click & Turn Knobs and Neon Colors, Gift for Ages 3+ 40.75″ x 26.75″ x 36.25″
41ini2guDDL. SL500
KidKraft Chef’s Cook N Create Island Play Kitchen with EZ Kraft Assembly
41iivfWdOGL. SL500
KidKraft Little Cook’s Work Station Kitchen, Gift for Ages 3+ , White
51hbHx 8rrL. SL500
KidKraft KidKraft Let’s Cook Wooden Play Kitchen with Lights & Sounds, Natural, Gift for Ages 3+
41qcJjr4h7L. SL500
KidKraft Alexa-Enabled 2-in-1 Wooden Kitchen & Market with Lights and Sounds, Interactive Foods and Games Plus 105 Accessories, Gift for Ages 3+, Amazon Exclusive
41ukPHWkWvL. SL500
KidKraft Uptown Espresso Wooden Play Kitchen with Play Phone, Chalkboard & Towel Rack, Espresso, Gift for Ages 3+, Amazon Exclusive

41SYcNyKQeS. SL500

This is one of the most beautifully designed play kitchens you’ll find on the market! It comes in three luxurious variations, including natural, white, and espresso wood.

This modern and chic play kitchen can be displayed anywhere in your home.

Award-winning modern design

We lo engage in interactive play that will help develop their social skills. That’s why it’s great that the playset comes with enough counter space and appliances that kids can share at once.

We love the chic gender-neutral layout where boys and girls can learn about cooking, play food, and multi-tasking. It comes complete with stylish appliances, including an oven, a dishwasher, microwave, 2-door refrigerator, and a play food prep area.

Your kids will love that all knobs and compartments are functional, making the experience even more engaging. They’ll play for hours on end with the cordless phone, hanging blackboard, and all the appliances.

We love that the playset comprises pressed wood, making it stable enough for little kids at around 70 pounds. It’s also large enough for multiple kids at once at 43 x  41 x 18 inches.

We’d love to see the burners or the removable sink make some sound or light up. The open layout is stylish, but some parents noticed detailsmakeThey’rebecauseots of falling toys and cookware.

Other than that, the Uptown Play Kitchen is still one of the most highly-rated KidKraft kitchens because of its stylish and interactive layout.

Best Retro design for boys and girls – KidKraft Vintage Wooden Pretend Play Toy Kitchen

41tz4jngf5L. SL500

This KidKraft vintage kitchen set is stylish enough for young boys and girls. Stylish and vintage

We love the subtle vintage details that make this play kitchen nostalgic and stylish! There’s a cordless phone, an old-school ice cooler, and open shelving.

The design is large enough for at least two kids at 33 x 35 x 13 inches. Your kids will have fun playing together and learning about food prep, multi-tasking, and inviting guests over for a meal!

Another thing we love about this playset is the variety of colors – there’s definitely a design that will match up to your kid’s dream play kitchen!

The KidKraft Vintage Kitchen Set comes in white, red, blue, pink, and white with gold detail.

All knobs and handles are functional, making play very interactive with the realistic refrigerator, sink, cabinet, microwave, and burners.

Parents love that the set is made from BPA-free and sturdy wood. On the other hand, the playset is relatively light, so you’ll have to assemble an anchor kit for additional security. It’s also relatively short, which means fast-growing toddlers will use this kitchen for the next three years at the most.

Although it’s alot to put together, it’s easy to assemble.

Other than that, this Kidkraft vintage play kitchen set is one of the most stylish and interactive ones you’ll find.

Best Two-piece Play Kitchen – KidKraft Two-piece Retro Kitchen

41+TZ56XirL. SL500

Our kids love these retro-style play kitchens that come in fun colors like pink and lavender. The two-set design makes it easy to fit the play set into any design layout.

Two-piece design layout

This combo play kitchen is a statement piece in any home. Unlike other toys that become an eyesore, the beautiful retro design and two-piece design make it easy to rearrange according to your preferences.

Our kids love the many knobs and handle they can play with, including a chic two-door refrigerator, oven, drawers, and burners. All knobs make a realistic sound that makes play all the more enjoyable. Compartments are also functional, but they tend to get stuck, making it dangerous for tiny toddlers. Thankfully it has a sturdy wood base, which brings some comfort to parents.

It’s a lot smaller than we expected, making it difficult for more than two kids to play simultaneously. It’s also on the short side, so kids that grow taller fast might soon outgrow the set.

Other than that, we love the chic and smart two-piece design that makes it easy to set up at home.

Best Modern-Rustic design – KidKraft Wooden Farm to Table Play Kitchen

41RfqCfYDFL. SL500

Here’s a play kitchen that would fit right into a modern boho home.

Interactive and thoughtful design

This farm-to-table kitchen set is complete with all the appliances and accessories that will make pretend to play all the more engaging! Your little chef will have lots of fun whipping up a meal with their metal pots and pans, and spatula. Even metal hooks will teach little ones how to pack up and keep their play area clean.

It’s the small details that set apart this play kitchen – it comes with a collapsible wooden crate of veggies that make a chopping sound thanks to the velcro components, wooden drawer inserts, a menu chalkboard, and planters.

The burner and faucet that light up and make sounds add an engaging and realistic touch. The faucet and burner sounds turn off on their own and aren’t too loud. There’s also an interactive pretend ice maker that releases toy ice cubes when activated.

This set comes with an EZ Kraft assembly, but lots of parents still found it complicated. This is play kitchen comes with 18-pieces, which is in the middle range of assembly complexity.

If you’re looking for an interactive kitchen with lots of thoughtful details, this one’s for your little chef.

Best Corner Kitchen for Sharing – KidKraft Grand Gourmet Corner Kitchen

41NMF3njCML. SL500

This retro corner kitchen is complete with everything an aspiring little chef needs! They’ll spend hours engaged in pretend play with the wide selection of appliances, metal cookware accessories, and generous counter space. It’s the perfect corner kitchen for kids who have a lot of playmates.

Complete accessories and features

Your kids will love learning about food prep and cooking with the engaging metal cookware (pots, pans, ladle, spatula). They will spend hours exploring the microwave, oven, washing machine, wash bin, and refrigerator.

The Grand Gourmet kitchen comes in an L-shaped layout, making it easier to maximize all the nooks and crannies you have at home.  It comes with thoughtful and interactive details like the menu chalkboard and the fabric kitchen curtains.

The countertops are about 20 inches high, which is ideal for children up to 10 years. Your kids will have years of fun with this kitchen!

It also has a strong base, so you wouldn’t have to worry about the set tipping over, but it does have unstable climbing surfaces, such as the oven that opens from the top.

Assembly is complicated, and you’ll need to set aside about 3 to 5 hours to complete the 43-step process. Each piece is color-coordinated to make instructions easier, but the manual could use some improvement to clarify the steps. Some clients also had to use additional drills since some screws were a little hard to get in.

There are also unsightly holes at the back of the play kitchen not displayed on the sample images, so you might need to cover these up with wallpaper or art paper.

Other than that, this play kitchen is one of the sturdiest ones you’ll find. It will be a neighborhood favorite for years to come.

Best Corner Kitchen for Playmates: KidKraft Ultimate Corner Wooden Play Kitchen

This huge corner kitchen is large enough to share some fun times with lots of playmates.

The curved L-shaped design saves enough space in the playroom while providing enough space for multiple children (42 x 36.5 x 33 inches). There’s a lot of storage space in the refrigerator and drawers to store lots of cooking toys and accessories.

Learn Sharing and Realistic play

The beautiful layout design has the oven, refrigerator, freezer on the left, a sink, and a lot of storage space in the middle, and a washing machine and counter space on the right. That’s the perfect setup to train your kids on how to multi-task and share with playmates.

This corner kitchen has a heavy base and is heavy at 60 pounds, making it safe enough for little kids to open the drawers. It’s made of high-quality, durable wood, so this kitchen set will likely become a family heirloom.

Your kids will love engaging and interactive play with all the little knobs, buttons, and handles that turn and make sounds. These are perfect for the development of fine motor and gross motor skills.

The details of a cordless phone and fabric curtains make an even more fun experience!

The best part is the realistic burners, and ice cooler that light up and make sounds. Kids love opening all the functional doors and organizing all their food and cooking supplies.

This play kitchen is one of the most complicated to assemble, with 90+ steps. This might take more than 3 to 4 hours if it’s your first built project.

This play kitchen is recommended for kids 36 months and up. Choose between two color schemes: classic all-white and luxurious dark wood.

You’ll find that setting up is worth it in the end as you watch your kids have lots of fun, realistic play!

Best Modern design – KidKraft Large Wooden Play Kitchen with Lights & Sounds

41qSq4yAA2L. SL500

This play kitchen is large enough to last for the whole duration of your kid’s childhood! With 24-inch high countertops, it’s hard to find a model that will offer years of fun.

Large and modern design

Aside from being one of the tallest play kitchens you’ll find, it’s also made with very durable wood material that will ensure it becomes a family heirloom in the long run. It’s also great for sharing – the whole set-up is 45 inches wide, enough to accommodate at least three or more children at once.

The modern design is a beautiful addition to any playroom or living room. The induction top and spray nozzle add a nice touch to this innovative and realistic design. The knobs make a clicking sound when turned, but it would have added a nice touch if the burners glowed red too. Instead, they’re just painted red.

However, the ice maker lights up and makes realistic sounds. Your kids have lots of fun multi-tasking with the spray nozzle and functional oven, microwave, dishwasher, and washer doors.

There are a few things that we’d like to see. Although the play kitchen is large, there’s only one storage drawer. It would have been more realistic if more appliances made sounds and lit up.

Assembly is also complicated because of the manual. According to some reviews, it lacks clear labeling and instructions. It might take you two to four hours to complete this play kitchen.

Other than that, this play kitchen is large and sturdy enough to offer years and years of interactive play in your home.

Best Large Play Kitchen – Deluxe Wooden Play Kitchen

41VcUcGjjMS. SL500

The Deluxe Big and Bright Wooden Kitchen truly lives up to its name. This play kitchen set is large enough to accommodate playmates and years of fun!

Fun and whimsical

Your kids will have years of fun and interactive play with this sturdy and large deluxe play kitchen. The play kitchen is large at 42 x 43 x 17 inches, which means at least 2 to 3 kids can share this set at the same time. Taller kids don’t have to hunch over and play with all the appliances. It also has a sturdy base and is quite heavy at 88 pounds, so you won’t have to worry about the whole thing tipping over.

It comes complete with large and interactive gadgets. There are working five doors that your kids will love playing with. The oven and sink make a realistic clicking sound when the knobs are turned. The microwave and oven have see-through windows, which make pretend cooking fun and realistic!

We also love the realistic burners and that there are lots of shelves for easy storage and clean up. There are also handy pegs for your cooking utensils and potholder. The sink is also removable, which makes cleaning easy.

The best thing about this playset comes in fun color schemes!

Although set up was easy, the instructions were really complicated, so we’d recommend watching an instructional video before getting started.

Best Island Play Kitchen – Chef’s Cook N Create Island

41ini2guDDL. SL500

Here’s a trendy play kitchen for all the budding little chefs! The 360-degree layout ensures all-around creativity and engagement. The realistic kitchen playset is also large enough for multiple playmates at once.

Trendy and interactive

Your little chef will spend hours playing on this fully-equipped, all-encompassing island kitchen! The 360-degree kitchen will provide a thrilling interactive experience as your little chef’s inner culinary master comes to life.

There’s a microwave with an action turntable, an oven, a mini-fridge, and an ice dispenser that lights up and makes realistic sounds. The faucet and oven knobs are all functional and realistic.

Our kids loved that the microwave has an interactive button that pops open the door and a functional play button that turns it on. The microwave will light up and spin a turntable when it’s on. The ice dispenser has three buttons – for crushed ice, cube ice, and water sounds. Four burners light up and make boiling sounds too.

Cute food and water show bowls also come with the set. There’s also enough counter space to whip up exciting recipes for mom and dad. A wooden side table is great for inviting over taste-testers and guests.

The kitchen set is longer and more extensive than most, so your kids can definitely invite over a few playmates. It’s about 3-feet and 7 inches long and 23 inches wide.

It has a modern industrial design that we won’t mind having in the living room.

This playset is definitely among the most interactive play kitchens you’ll find. It offers a realistic experience that is perfect for your little chef.

Best Minimalist Play Kitchen – KidKraft Little Cook’s Work Station Kitchen

41iivfWdOGL. SL500

Nothing beats a simple and minimalist design – the same is true for the Little Cook’s Work Station Kitchewithas all the essentials your little cook needs. We love the clean and classic design of this play kitchen.

Simple and engaging

Your kids will definitely have lots of fun cooking up imaginative meals on this workstation. Don’t underestimate its small size because it’s complete with everything a little chef would need! There’s a two-shelf oven, four burners, under-the-sink storage space, and a nozzle spray faucet. There’s some counter space for some pretend shopping and meal prep.

The playset comes with food toys and a cute mini chopping board and knife that your kids will have lots of fun preparing meals with! All the knobs turn and make realistic sounds, and we see that our kids also have lots of fun with the unique and modern nozzle spray design. The sink is also removable for easy cleanup.

It’s made of durable wood materials, making this play kitchen very safe and stable. It’s also large enough for two little chefs at 31 x 28 x 12 inches. The only problem we have is that it’s very lightweight. While that may be a good thing when it comes to assembly, some tiny toddlers might accidentally tip over the workstation when opening drawers. Some reviews also had problems with doors coming off quickly. Assembly is also a bit time-consuming because of the unclear assembly manual.

Other than that, this kitchen is perfect if you’re looking for a small, lightweight kitchen that has all the essentials your little chef needs!

Best Space-saving Play Kitchen – Let’s Cook Wooden Play Kitchen with Lights & Sounds

51hbHx 8rrL. SL500

If you’re looking for a compact play kitchen that doesn’t downplay interactivity, the KidKraft Let’s Cook Wooden Play Kitchen with Lights and Sound is the best choice.

Minimalist and compact

If you have a small child at home and limited space, this small play kitchen will be enough to engage your little chef in hours of play. It’s quite compact at 23 x 12 x 35 inches, but it comes complete with realistic lights and a sound burner, clicking oven knobs, an extendable faucet nozzle, and a cute cordless phone for ordering in or inviting guests over.

The oven and microwave can also be opened, and your little ones will love the see-through panel so they can easily check on dinner.

There’s also a small storage space beneath the microwave, and there are also some hanging hooks for easy clean-up.

One concern we have is that the play kitchen only weighs about 19 pounds. This can be a hazard for very small toddlers as it can tip over when the drawers get stuck. Others also wished there was some counter space for some pretend food prep.

Other than that, reviewers share that it’s one of the easiest KidKraft play kitchens to assemble. It’s also one of the most affordable, fully-equipped KidsKraft play kitchens at around $100.

The Let’s Cook play kitchen is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a simple, affordable, and compact play kitchen.

Smart Play Kitchen – Alexa-Enabled 2-in-1 Wooden Kitchen & Market

41qcJjr4h7L. SL500

If you were wondering if play kitchens would still be popular in the next few years, the definite answer is yes! We present to you the future of play kitchens, KidKraft’s Alexa-enabled 2-in-1 Wooden Kitchen, and Market.

Interactive and tech-savvy

Little kids love to play with interactive tools and accessories. At the same time, these improve gross motor and fine motor skills, critical thinking, and social skills. Most play kitchens are more than enough with a wide selection of appliances, light-up and sound features, and cooking accessories. The Alexa-enabled KidsKraft kitchen goes above and beyond to create an even more interactive experience that boosts child development.

Smart connection with Alexa provides four interactive play modes: Classic, Free Play, Games, and Recipe Cards. It also comes with two playsets. On one side, there’s a market area full of goodies, and on the other, a fully-equipped kitchen!

The market has a smart check-out counter that recognizes blocks upon con Kztact. There’s also a bagging area, storage shelves, and a freezer. Your kids can shop for the ingredients they need, ring them up, then pay with cash or credit with the smart scanner.

The other size is a complete lights and sounds kitchen where kids can interact with a wide selection of accessories and toys.  After shopping for groceries, kids can store their finds in the refrigerator or start cooking up a meal. Included are 34 interactive toy food items and recipe cards. All you have to do is pick the ride interactive play mode with Alexa. There’s also a microwave, oven, faucet, and fridge.

The recipe cards work like magic. Kids simply have to insert a card into a reader, and Alexa shares instructions on how to whip up the dish.  You guessed it! This is how your kids will find out which ingredients to get in the supermarket area. They can find the secret ingredient by scanning the food items on the cutting board – Alexa will let them know when they find the right one!

The game mode engages kids in fun challenges in the kitchen and marketplace, like fast scanning and checking specific ingredients. This is great for teaching kids about food groups and nutrition.

It can be out of price range for most, especially since it doesn’t come with a free Amazon Alexa device. Some items are also a little challenging to scan. Other than that, multiple kids can have lots of engaging fun with this play kitchen.

Thanks to the smart kitchen, two-sided play, and a wide selection of accessories, the Alexa-enabled 2-in-1 kitchen is the perfect choice if you’re looking for the ultimate interactive playset for your budding chef!

Best Wooden Play Kitchen – KidKraft Uptown Espresso Wooden Play Kitchen

41ukPHWkWvL. SL500

Are you looking for a modern play kitchen with interactive components yet doesn’t take too much space?

The KidKraft Uptown Espresso Kitchen a modern-style kitchen that will blend perfectly in your home, thanks to its compact design and chic dark wood detail, and granite countertops.

Why we love it

The gender-neutral design is perfect for encouraging both girls and boys to engage in interactive play that will help develop their social skills. That’s why it’s great that the playset comes with enough counter space and appliances that kids can share at once.

We love that the play kitchen is realistic and fully equipped with all the details you’d find in your actual kitchen. The stainless steel appliances might even look better than the ones you own! There’s also a food prep area, an oven, a dishwasher, a microwave, a refrigerator, and a freezer. All knobs and compartments are functional so that kids can have an interactive play experience. We love the details of a cordless phone, oven rack, wooden storage rod, and hanging blackboard that will keep your little chefs engaged for hours.

The KidKraft Uptown Espresso Kitchen is made with solid pressed wood materials, which keep the setup stable and durable.

What we want to see

With a detailed toy comes many parts, which means that assembly can get complicated – if you don’t have much experience assembling furniture it could take you about four hours. There aren’t any lights on this kitchen set either, but it’s easy to install some touch lights if you’d like to spruce up the design even more.

Other than that, the KidKraft Uptown Espresso Kitchen is a beautiful play kitchen set that will look chic in any home. Did we mention this is an award-winning kitchen set?


To get the best play kitchen for your budding chef, here’s what you should keep in mind!

The first thing to consider is the material. Ensure that the playset is made with durable wood or plywood. Especially with little kids, a weak base can cause serious injuries when it tips over. Make sure the materials are also non-toxic.

Play kitchens are great because there are so many accessories you can get! From cookware to food items, your little chefs will appreciate these small gifts. Make sure to get a play kitchen with enough storage space if you plan on buying more accessories.

Choose a playset that provides enough opportunity for your kids to explore different tools and expand their imagination. KidKraft specializes in creating a play kitchen that has engaging details and appliances.

The most important consideration for parents might be the assembly time! While your hard work will definitely pay off once you see the big smile on your little chef’s face, not everybody has the patience to spend 8 hours assembling a toy.

Pretend play is an essential driver for the development of your child’s development. It’s the to teach kids to explore, share, and work together.

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