Seal a Meal Manual Vacuum Sealer

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All about the Seal a Meal Vacuum Sealer

If you choose to store food, then storing your food safety should be your number one priority.

Not only will it save you money, but storing your food properly will save your health, also!

Making sure you have a great seal is especially important because air leaking into your bag will damage your food. Thereby wasting your money and your time spent.

There are many types of vacuum sealers on the market nowadays. Choosing one depends on what you’re looking for and how much you’re willing to spend.

The Seal A Meal Vacuum Sealer System is a food saving technology that is a unique solution that is affordable and easy to use.

Seal A Meal Machine

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Vacuum sealing machines produce a similar result to many frozen foods in your local supermarket. Frozen vegetables, meats, and sometimes even fresh coffee grounds are often vacuum sealed for their protection and freshness. Freezing them extends their shelf life.

These machines vacuum out the air in the plastic bag and seal it tightly before air can sneak back in. Sealing is also an essential step in the popular Sous Vide cooking style. The Seal A Meal Vacuum System is an entry level vacuum sealer that is easy to use and a great system to get started with.This basic vacuum sealer gets good grades for providing a good intro to sealing your food. The Seal A Meal can process foods with some liquid content event better that many expensive models. This is a great tool for occasional sealing of left overs or small batch cooking. It can also be used to seal non-food items to protect them from air oxidation or water damage.

Seal A Meal Review and Features

This Seal A Meal gets high praise for it’s price, features, and ease of use.

Seal A Meal Pros

  • Comes with four 1 Quart bags
  • Easy to use
  • Economical
  • One press vacuum sealing
  • Hands free indicator light
  • Drip tray for catching liquids
  • Seal A Meal Manual included
  • 1 Year limited warranty

Seal A Meal Cons

  • Limited in size of food that can be stored
  • Doesn’t seem to have a long life if used every day

Seal A Meal vs Foodsaver

Another popular food vacuum machine is the FoodSaver V4840 Sealer Machine.

The FoodSaver is a high quality, durable machine that helps preserve food freshness for a long as three years in the freezer.

This machine is much more sophisticated than the Seal A Meal and can process much larger batches of food at a time and more efficiently.

The FoodSaver is much more expensive than the Seal A Meal but it comes with a 5 Year Limited Warranty and excellent customer reviews.

It may be worth it to spend the extra money and go for the much higher quality appliance.

To see the FoodSaver directly on Amazon, see here

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Vacuum Bag Sealer Reviews

Imagine spending a significant amount of money on a product that needs a certain item, like a specific bag, only to never be able to find bags for it!

That’s the most annoying thing in the world! It’s one of the reasons bagless vacuum cleaners took off and began doing so well.

Getting the recurring income from customers who NEED to buy your bag may be a good business decision for the short term, but it’s terrible for customers in the long term.

Many vacuum sealers do the same thing. They make sure that their vacuum sealers only work with very specific bags and they sell them at a crazy upcharge.

So it’s a good thing that this vacuum sealer doesn’t do that!

For this Seal A Meal, you can use whatever vacuum sealer you want and it’ll work.

The only thing that you need to make sure is that the bag has the textured strip on its inside. This strip is what allows air to be sucked out by the vacuum sealer, so it’s pretty important.

If your bag has that, then you’re good to go!

Wrapping up with the Vacuum Sealers Review

Looking for a basic vacuum sealer? Then the Seal A Meal may be the one for you. It’s great as long as your batches are small, you should be just fine.

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