Wood or Plastic Play Kitchen – Which is better?

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Which type of Play Kitchen is better? A wood or plastic one?

  • In this article we review the Pros and Cons of two types of Play Kitchens, wood and Plastic
  • Making a choice between plastic or wooden toy kitchens can turn difficult for many parents.
  • This should not be so. These two types of play kitchens both have their advantages and disadvantages.
  • Knowing what they are can be a factor that will help you make your decision faster and more informed.
  • Another factor is to take into considering is you and your child’s needs.
  • You should know that both plastic and wooden play kitchens do contain other materials. Stainless steel is common in children’s kitchens. Play Kitchens are only classified as wooden and plastic because either one of those are the primary materials, in addition to others.

Before we get started, below is our favorite wooden play kitchen and our favorite plastic one!

KidKraft Uptown Espresso Wooden Play Kitchen with Play Phone, Chalkboard & Towel Rack, Espresso

41ukPHWkWvL. SL500

Little Tikes Super Chef Kitchen Blue & Cream

41+Kj2ok BL. SL500

What are the Pros and Cons of Wooden Play Kitchens?


This can be a pro or a con, depending on how you look at it!

A wooden kitchen is a heave object. It cannot be constantly moved around. This can be useful for your child or it can be a burden if you’re constantly having to pick it up in order to move it!

The best thing to do with a wooden play kitchen is to find a permanent spot to keep it and and then build it, and keep it there.

Don’t move it around if you don’t have to!


Wooden kitchens usually last longer than plastic kitchens. They can be passed on from one sibling to the other.

They can also pick up character as they age and are much less likely to break.


Because of the material chosen for wood kitchens, they tend to feel real and legitimate. Especially when compared to their plastic counterparts!


Looking real comes at a cost! Wood kitchens may look awesome! But they tend to be much pricier than plastic kitchens.

What are the Pros and Cons of Plastic Play Kitchens?


Plastic kitchens are easy to assemble, especially when the units are designed with a click and lock type of mechanism.

They’are also super easy to move around, so it’s ideal if you live more of a mobile lifestyle. I’m talking so mobile, that you can throw it in the back of your car and take it to grandma’s house!


Plastic play kitchens are NO WHERE near as durable as their wooden counterparts. It will not last you as long, that’s just a fact.


The look can be better or worse, depending on the play kitchen. Some plastic designs look really cool and just aren’t possible with wood.

It won’t look realistic, but sometimes kids want imaginary, not realistic.


Plastic play kitchens are almost always cheaper than their wooden counterparts.

What exactly does your child want?

Think through what your child wants. Do they want a realistic looking kitchen like mom, dad, or grandma might have? If so, then you’ll want to consider many of the wooden play kitchen options that are sturdy and look real.

Do they want a magical castle type of play kitchen? If so, then you’ll have to look at many of the plastic choices available in stores and online.

Either way, there are many great play kitchen options at reasonable prices. You’re sure to find a wooden or plastic play kitchen that your child will love!

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